During a construction project, the need for punctual and precise information that can help reduce the time and cost of work is a tangible advantage.

The M.R. offers a single CAD integration solution, allowing a large collection of digital data in a short time, all mitiging the risk and reducing project costs.

Our activities are aimed at verifying that the final product conforms to the project and that it respects the characteristics indicated by the same in terms of functions and predetermined performances.

Our method allows to verify if the product’s manufacturing is in conformity with the construction drawings in very fast times and, if necessary, to correct on the spot the faults or out of tolerance detected in a timely manner and with the utmost precision.



  • Tests and dimensional checks
  • Consulting for critical dimensional controls
  • Reliefs and 3d modeling
  • Monitoring of structures and infrastructures
  • Picketing
  • Geometric levelings
  • Assistance during lifting, roll-up and weighing
  • Assistance during prefabrication with emission of welding sequences


  • Geography, Geodesy and topography
  • Laser scans and positioning systems
  • Geographic computer system
  • Production of 2d and 3d cartographies

Through the use of latest generation instrumentation (total stations, GNSS satellite receivers, laser scanners) We are able to carry out reliefs for the acquisition of plan-altimetric and geometric information of national works and International.

Our topographical teams are also specialized in site assistance, that is in the tracing of large works and complex structures and provide support to the various phases of the realization of the work including the reliefs for the drafting of States of Work advancement, analysis and calculation of volumes and as-built.

We also deal with monitoring and leveling for the study and analysis over time of spatial variations of points and structural parts materialized by cornerstones.


    M.R. Technology Systems uses only Leica GeoSystems measuring instruments.

    All the measuring equipment used are calibrated with reference to the national and international first-line samples.

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